Important information

We expect a the large number of buses to this event, therefore it is important that you sign up all your buses. Choose in the options below whether you are organizing a weekend trip (Thurs/Fri till Sun) or a Saturday trip or Sunday trip.

  • The parking lot is divided in separate sections of 50 buses. It is from the upmost importance that you park the bus in the correct section, which is the one corresponding with your bus number. 
  • Select the number of buses you want to register in the shop. E.g. Register 10 buses? Select 10 tickets in the shop. You will then receive a unique ticket for each bus.
  • After registering you will immediately receive a parking ticket and coach information by e-mail. Place your ticket clearly visible behind the windshield of your bus. Preferably printed in A3 format.

The buses follow the signs 'Touringcars' on arrival. There is a special parking for buses. To drop-off and Pick-up passengers, you can also follow the signs 'Touringcars'. Make sure the bus is back at the parking before 23:00 hours to avoid unnecessary congestion.

Register your bus here


Weekend registration


Saturday registration